Fire Safety For Residential & Domestic Homes

The Flamefast LLC has been developed to meet the requirements for domestic & residential kitchens. The system is the ideal solution to protect stove top areas for sheltered living, student accommodation and domestic properties where the cook top is a major risk for either occupants or insurance companies.

The Flamefast LLC is quick and easy to install and compatible with all two, four and six burner ranges. It can be installed next to the appliance or inside a kitchen cupboard, in both new and old kitchen applications and doesn’t look out of place due to its aesthetically pleasing design.

This unique system consists of an easy to clean stainless steel wall mounted cabinet which houses the agent tank and electronics. The system is supplied with a manifold which houses the nozzle(s), and stainless steel hoses which connect to the cabinet.

In residential accommodation it is common in open plan appartments, where the kitchen facilities are within 5.9ft of the final exit door that fire suppression systems are installed to the cooker top to aid with exit strategy.

As well as standard domestic residences other ideal applications are:

  • Sheltered Housing
  • Multi Occupancy Living
  • High Dependency Patients
  • Student Accommodation
  • Day Care Facilities

KitchenSafe was designed and comprehensively tested in our own fire test facility over a period of two years and was launched to market over three years ago in the UK two years ago was a cost effective and aesthetically acceptable solution for any domestic kitchen application.

With over 50% of all house fires starting in the kitchen, KitchenSafe is the obvious choice

KitchenFire KitchenSafe

Automatic Fire Detection System

Kitchensafe operates automatically in the event of fire which removes the need or risk of a person attempting to fight the fire with conventional extinguishers or fire blankets. The system has a typical fire knock down time within 5 seconds of discharge, allowing the remaining discharge time to cool and render the affected area completely safe.

Following system activation the cooking area is easily cleaned down in minutes and ready for use, unlike conventional extinguisher types such as dry powder etc.

Remote Gas Detectors

The Kitchensafe system has a dedicated interface for remote gas detectors and can also be connected into a BMS or Fire Alarm system. If a fire occurs in a remote location such as student accommodation, an alarm can be raised in the central control area. Finally, a dedicated fuel supply shut off will automatically cut off gas and electric supplies if the system is discharged.

The system requires a 110v AC, 3 amp power supply.

For more information please see our video and datasheet

Keep Your Kitchen Safe with the Leading Fire Suppression System

With over 50% of all reported domestic house fires originating in the kitchen, coupled with the fact that millionsof unintentional cooker top fires which go unreported every year with thousands of injuries, can anything be more important than installing a cost effective solution.

The facts from the NFPA (Source, Home Structure Fires, Marty Ahrens, April 2013) U.S. fire departments responded to an estimated average of 366,600 home structure1 fires per year during 2007-2011.

These fires caused an annual average of: 2,570 civilian fire deaths, 13,210 civilian fire injuries, and $7.2 billion in direct damage, 92% of all structure fire deaths resulted from home fires.

On average, seven people die in U.S. home fires per day

Fire Dangers

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